Zumba Classes in Delhi

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Zumba is a dance cum fitness program created by a Colombian dancer and choreographer way back in the 1990s. It is a combination of dance and aerobics including four core rhythms namely merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton. At Kala Parisar, our Zumba classes are typically one hour in length conducted by trained Zumba trainers of Delhi.

Zumba Dance Classes in Delhi
Zumba training in Delhi

Burn Calories

A high-efficiency fat-burning approach, a single hour Zumba fitness training helps you burn 300-600 calories and maintain a healthy body.

Zumba classes in South Delhi

Tone Your Body

As a dance-based form of fitness program, Zumba provides a full-body workout helping you to achieve your goal of a toned body.

Zumba Dance Class

Rock the Dance Floor

Get ready to steal the show in any party or function performing the Zumba dance steps. We are sure your friends will envy you.

Do you know Approx 10 Million People Takes Zumba Classes Globally?

Fees structure

Convenient Fees for Zumba Classes in South Delhi Center


Rs. 1500


1 Class Per Week

1 Hour Class




2 Classes Per Week

1 Hour Class




3 Classes Per Week

1 Hour Class


Clear your doubts about our Zumba training Classes

Usually, it takes 6-9 months of Zumba training to lose weight but you will start noticing the changes in your body within 2-3 months. However, it depends upon duration of classes, your body structure and capability of your trainer. 

Zumba is of the best exercises cum dance training to reduce belly fat. At our Zumba training classes in Delhi, our instructor will work in close coordination with you to tone your body.

We recommend at least 30 mins of continues Zumba training initially if you have no fitness background. However, once you get matured, you can do 45-60 mins Zumba dance. Even if you take 1 day per week class, we recommend you to practice at home rest of the days. 

Zumba is a dance form that be started at an early age of 6 years. It can be done till 55 years of age or even more if you do not suffer from any physical aliment. In that case, we recommend you to contact your doctor before joining the Zumba classes. 

We currently have one Zumba training center in Delhi, which is based in South Delhi. If you are looking for Zumba classes in South Delhi, you should visit our center. 

Yes, we offering private Zumba classes at the comfort of your home as well. You can contact us to know more about the same. 

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