About Us

Kala Parisar

At Kala Parisar, we pledge to provide a platform of learning and growth to flourish your inner talents. Dance & Music are part of the cultural heritage of India, which should be encouraged by parents. We through our platform of Kala Parisar try to make a small contribution in this noble deed by motivating parents to allow their children to make dance or music a part of their education. 

With a talented team of music & dance instructors, we help our students learn the best forms of dance. At Kala Parisar, we have several types of music and dance training programs ranging from 3 months to 4 years. So call us anytime to know more. 



Our Team

Meet the Expert Dance Trainers at Kala Parisar

Sushmita Guha


Bharatanatyam Expert

Sushmita is a renowned Bharatnatyam teacher, who has more than a decade experience in teaching Bharatanatyam dance in Delhi. A disciple of Guru Jamuna Krishnan, Sushmita has served renowned schools like Apeejay Public School.



Zumba Trainer

Soniya is a western dance trainer, who has 15 years of rich experience in several dance forms such as Zumba, Bollywood and many more. She has worked with renowned schools like Bal Bhawan International School and many other dance institutes across the country.

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